What is mobilextension?

mobilextension is a tool that allows users to upload lists and immediately share spreadsheet-style information securely with any mobile device.  From business reports to inventory, sharing lists with others has never been quicker or easier!

The best part about mobilextension? Your freshly uploaded list is automatically synched to your list subscribers mobile devices so they can start using your list to make phone calls, open URL links and maps and send emails with one touch.  From sharing business reports to contact lists – mobilextension is the easiest way to extend your information to whomever you want, wherever they are.

How does mobilextension work?

The mobilextension process is simple and easy to use.  mobilextension provides users with the capability of uploading lists in multiple formats through the mobilextension website.  Uploaded lists can be shared with an unlimited number of people using any mobile device (iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry).  Once the list is extended to mobile devices, the information will continue to be automatically synched to their mobile device and recipients can start using this information immediately!