The versatility in mobilextension’s functionality enables all types of users to utilize the tool for a variety of different purposes, offering a number of advantages that are sure to benefit all. Users ranging from students to business professionals, and family members to team mates, can all find value and enhanced efficiency through mobilextension, regardless of their goal.

Key benefits

Time efficiencies

  • Decrease the amount of time required to share critical information with others through conventional methods
  • Automatic syncing of information to mobile devices allows users to immediately use their list
  • Increase productivity as a result of up-to-date information

Cost savings

  • Communicate effectively to an unlimited number of people at a low cost
  • No limits or minimum requirements on uploading or distributing lists

Organization and communication

  • Organize schedules, contacts, listings and communicate in an efficient manner
  • Organize distribution lists to ensure easy mobilization of data
  • Ensure instant communication of up to date information

Ease of Use

  • User-friendly interface enables any type of user to use tool.


  • Same functionality across all mobile devices (iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry)
  • Sync data and immediately utilize on any mobile device – e.g. activate maps, dial phone numbers, etc.