It’s for You!

mobilextension isn’t just a tool for a specific profession or group of people, it’s for everyone, and it’s for you. It’s for anyone who has ever created a list of information and shared it with others.

Have too many lists or spreadsheets?  Do you ever share those lists with others?  Ever had someone refer to the wrong version of your list? mobilextension can help.  Here’s how some people use mobilextension.


  • Magazine ranking reports

Group member

  • Membership listings (contact, role, expertise), schedules

Business continuity team

  • On-call listings plans

Product manager

  • Catalogues
  • Inventory listings

Real estate agent

  • Property listings

Faculty, Student, Parent

  • Parent directories
  • Faculty directories
  • Calendar of events
  • University curriculum listing with locations and schedules

Sports team manager/member

  • Team roster
  • Schedules
  • Statistics

Courier, driver, shipping manager

  • Delivery schedules

Sales person

  • Customer profile (content, role, history)


  • Staff directory

Sales manager, Executive team

  • Dashboard reports (Sales, C level information)

Car dealer

  • Auction listings
  • Car inventory

Auction manager

  • Auction catalogues
  • Auction listings