Upload and Share Lists Anywhere You Have Email

Updating your lists has become even easier. We’ve been working on providing more ways for you to update and share your lists.

You can already upload lists from the mobilextension website. With our new mail-in feature, you can now upload lists by e-mailing them to your mobilextension list email address.

Log into your mobilextension account to get your personal upload email address for each of your lists. Each list has a unique email address that you can use to send list updates from anywhere you have email access.

You can send as many updates as you want. After you send an email, the time it takes for an update to be completed will vary depending on how long it takes for your email to reach us.

The list you send to us via email will go to the “Queue Pool” waiting for your confirmation. With a single click, you can confirm the update and then your list will be updated and published automatically.

We hope that with this new email option, you will be able to more easily update and share lists anytime you wan

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